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Screen Time

original Russian title:

"Ты так любишь эти фильмы"

by Figgle Miggle

published by Limbus Press, 2011

Screen Time is an elaborate murder mystery and a biting satire of life in contemporary Russia. It centers on a series of murders that take place among the Saint Petersburg intelligentsia: first, the editor of a prominent journal is attacked in the street, then the vice principal of a girls’ school is found dead in a stairwell. As the body count rises, we learn that the deceased are all linked to the Outfit, a shadowy organization bent on world domination...

In Russia, this novel was short-listed for the National Bestseller Prize and long-listed for both the Big Book Prize and the Nose Prize.

This project was the recipient of a RusTrans bursary. You can read more about it on the RusTrans website here.

Read a blog post and an excerpt of the novel here

Screen Time is still seeking a publisher! If you are interested in publishing this novel, or an excerpt of it, please be in touch via the contact form of this website. 

Figgle Miggle
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